P&I Clubs Services


From our experience and knowledge of the P&I Clubs’ rules and regulations, we are able to assist Clubs in handling all kinds of claims such as cargo claims, pollution claims, collision claims, personal injuries/ stowaways, fines, F&FO claims and all other P&I relevant claims.

We depend on a wide range of competent surveyors who can cover all Egyptian ports (Alexandria, El Dekheila, Port Said, Damietta, Suez etc..) and are able to carry out all types of surveys.


We can also regularly give assistance to Clubs with regard to various loss prevention topics by informing Clubs with problems that commonly occur in Egyptian ports and recommendations on how to avoid them.


Assistance may also be rendered to Clubs in respect of FD&D matters. Collecting evidences that may be needed in pursuing or defending a variety of different types of claims. Arranging surveys that will assist members in defending alleged claims.

Hull and Machinery Services

Assistance can be rendered to H&M and cargo underwriters in assessing damages to the subject-matter insured and also arrangements for recovering claims under subrogation deeds.

Assistance may be rendered to General Average Adjustors in preparing an adjustment and in collecting securities from parties involved being their GA contribution.


We offer the most comprehensive and professional marine surveys available, with personal service and competitive rates, such as:
  • Draft surveys
  • On/ off hire & bunker surveys
  • Ullage surveys
  • Cargo surveys
  • Container surveys and issuance of IICL certificates
  • Collision surveys
  • Hold/Hatch Surveys
  • Ultrasonic tests
  • P&I/ H&M condition surveys and follow ups
  • F&FO damage surveys
  • Off specification bunker surveys and analysis at reputable laboratories.
  • Pre loading steel surveys
  • Tally count
  • Monitoring of cargo operations
  • Monitoring of cargo condition during the loading/discharging
  • Sampling
  • Preloading/ Loading cargo condition survey with issuance of remarks on true cargo condition as per P&I Rules
  • Sealing/Unsealing of cargo holds
  • Inspection of lashing and dunnage
  • Pre-Purchase/ Pre-charter Survey, including the thorough inspection and operation of all vessel systems, including Propulsion Systems, Electrical Systems, Fuel Systems, Navigational Systems, Plumbing Systems, and all other machinery and electronics.
  • Determination of the vessel's "Fair Market Value".

If requested by our client, we are able to arrange for the disposal of rejected cargoes, and in this connection, formal tenders will be called where appropriate.

If repair estimates are required, these can be provided, either by the attending surveyor, or formally, by a local repair facility.

The Survey Report will include full particulars of the shipment/ carriage and whenever possible, the actual cause of the damage will be identified.


We can offer consultations to clients in respect of charter parties/ Bills of Lading disputes,( in compliance with the local laws and regulations), and associated legal matters through our experience with the assistance of qualified local maritime lawyers, if needed.

Advice can be given to clients on regulatory matters and assisting them in their dealings with Port and other Authorities, for example in cases of allusions with port structures. Investigating groundings and oil spills and assisting principals with respect to crisis management on site, in real time and after the event.

We can also assist in conducting investigations in relation to maritime fraud. Legal assistance can be offered to all international law firms.

Insurance Broking

We can provide all types of insurance cover to all shipping related activities and offer claims handling services after attachment. Having significant experience and expertise, we can advice and guide clients with regard to wide range of insurance products, marine and non-marine, short-term or long-term.

Advice can be rendered to insurance companies as well as assureds and intermediaries (brokers, agents, ...) on coverage disputes and policy interpretation issues.

In doing so, we take into account both the legal and business aspects of the matter.

Also various insurance covers can be arranged, for example:

  • H&M
  • Disbursements, freight and increased value
  • Marine and Transport liabilities
  • Cargo
  • P&I Clubs coverage
  • War risks